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OC Partners for Good


Apart from guiding clients towards the achievement of remarkable business goals and maintaining an awesome working environment for the whole team, OC Partners are also strong advocates for philanthropy and corporate social responsibility.


In line with our goal of business altruism, we have collaborated with the non-profit social enterprise B1G1 (BUY1GIVE1) which enables businesses like ourselves to contribute and make a positive difference in the world we live in.


How is it done? The unique “Global Giving Initiative” model introduced by B1G1 allows for the incorporation of giving activities in the operations of a business, which means that any business task undertaken will produce a positive impact in the larger community. This brings the definition of “value-added” to a whole new level, and in a good way too.


For every new client that is represented by OC Partners, we will provide a year’s access of clean drinking water to a family in Cambodia.



Pile of Books

For every client that signs up to an annual fixed price service agreement with us, we will provide a year’s worth of access to school books for orphaned and at-risk children.


For every attendance we have at our Xero Training days, we will give a month’s worth of medication to an ill child in Kenya.



For each individual tax return lodged, we will provide a days access to a learning hub for children living in remote indigenous communities in Australia.